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What does 7 axis capability mean?
It means that highly complex parts (the kind that once required multiple operations often on different machines) can now be produced at one time on one machine. It means tighter tolerances, less handling, less chance for error, faster thru put which all results in quicker delivery, lower cost and higher quality. In one example, a part which formerly required complex operations on three separate machines can now be dropped off complete from just one 7 axis machine.

What materials do you machine parts from?
We machine parts from virtually all types of material including brass, steel, copper, bronze, monel, hastelloy, titanium, aluminum, plastic and stainless steel.

What size of part can be machined at Mansfield Screw Machine?
When producing parts from 12 foot bar stock, we can handle round bar up to 2-1/2 inches in diameter and hex bar up to 2-1/8 inches thick. For chucking, a process where pre-cut raw material pieces are individually
placed in the machine, much larger parts are possible and the size limit depends on what operations will be applied to the part.

What type of machine will my part be produced on?
This will depend upon a number of factors including: type of material, quantity ordered, complexity, size, etc. This question goes to the heart of machine shop expertise. We have to know a lot about your part in order to

Will the price you charge depend upon the quantity that I order?
Yes, each order involves fixed set-up costs which have to be amortized over the number of pieces ordered. More pieces per production run means less set-up cost per piece.

What is tooling and why am I charged for it?
Tooling refers to the special fittings mounted on the machine to uniquely produce your order. It is consumed by the production process. You will be charged one time for the tooling needed to initially set up your order.
Thereafter as production proceeds and the tooling is consumed, replacing it is our responsibility.

What services are available in addition to machining?
Customer's machining requirements often include related activities such as:

• Heat treating • Plating:
• Passivating   - Bright nickel
• Bright Dipping   - Zinc
• Laquering   - Tin
• Electro Chemical Deburring (ECD)   - Hard Chrome
• Vibratory Deburring   - Decorative Chrome
• Honing   - Etc.
• Wire EDM Machining  

All of which whether performed in house or not are subject to our stringent quality standards.