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Why do machine shops exist?
In the assembly or manufacture of products, specially configured components are often required. The production of these specially configured components requires varying types of expensive equipment and skilled operators. In most cases, the investment for this equipment and personnel cannot be justified not only because the equipment and personnel would not be fully utilized, but also because manufacturing the specially configured components requires different expertise. A machine shop on the other hand does not have a "main product”. A machine shop makes the investment in special equipment and personnel and then utilizes their expertise by producing specially configured components for many different manufacturers. In a sense, we become a partner in the production of your product.
Our engineers provide superior customer support.


How do we support our customers with engineering?
Mansfield Screw Machine Product’s engineering staff has extensive knowledge of the machining industry as well as an in-depth understanding of production techniques. Our vast experience insures that your part will be produced to your exact specification in the most efficient manner.





How do we support our customers with quality?
At Mansfield Screw Machine Products quality is paramount and pervades everything we do. Our ISO-9001:2008 without Design quality management system and our attention to detail results in a high degree of customer satisfaction. Ongoing training and process audits assure that high expectations are consistently met. Modern equipment, managerial and statistical controls are additional tools that we use to insure quality. We also use a Micro-Vu video coordinate measurement machine to establish visual standards which can be relayed to customers via e-mail.



How do we support our customers with manufacturing?
Since 1945 Mansfield Screw Machine Products has continued to expand, modernize and improve its facilities and methods to produce high quality, close tolerance, precision machined products. We have equipped our plant with some of the finest equipment in the industry from traditional single spindles, to state of the art computer controlled multiple axis machines and now with 7 axis capability. Our skilled personnel, diverse range of equipment and attention to detail enable us to exceed your expectations.

How do we support our customers with delivery?
Month after month after month, we deliver 100% of our orders on time. Lead times do vary depending on machine time, tool and material availability, however we are constantly working to shorten our lead time and as a result our customers are counting on us to respond quickly. In one instance, a customer discovered on Friday that they were out of a critical part. We sent our truck after raw material, worked over the weekend, which was unscheduled, and delivered the part with our truck on Monday. Although a lot of things had to fall into place so that something that dramatic could happen, it is a demonstration of our commitment to take care of our customers and to respond quickly.


Individual evaluation and packaging when required.


How do we support our customers with
ancillary services?

In addition to world class machining we provide a one point source of machining related services such as heat treating, plating and bright dipping. With these processes subject to our stringent standards for quality and delivery, you are assured of getting the product you want when you want it.








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